YouFibre Things to do together over Easter Holiday

Apr 10, 2022

The internet is a real treasure trove of online resources with thousands of ideas for things to make and things to do. Whether you want to unleash your inner artist or explore the world of scientific tricks and experiments, there’s plenty online to satisfy all creative and intellectual appetites.

1. Let’s get creative

Celebrate Spring

Make a headdress for the Goddess of Spring or design a pair of shoes that will put a spring in your step.

Design haute couture

Create shapes to make fashion silhouettes that can be worn. Take a closer look at folds, drapes pleats and cones and explore how these form basic fashion shapes.

Explore Art Deco and create your own patterns

Draw inspiration from Art Deco designs patterns using potatoes, cardboard pieces, sponges or even dried pasta to stamp patterns on paper.

Use photography to create images with light and shade

Search around or outside the house for any fun shapes that the light makes. Look for shadows. Photograph the patterns that the sun makes, or use an artificial light such as a torch or a lamp to create your own.

2. Let’s get scientific

· Can you make an egg bounce?

· Can you blow up a balloon without using your mouth?

· Can you lift something heavier than yourself?

· Can you make water defy gravity?

· Can you make milk move without touching it?

Find out how to do all these things, plus many many more cool scientific activities, from the Science Museum’s excellent resource bank of fun experiments you can do at home.

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