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If you’re a You customer, you’ll be enjoying our ultrafast full fibre speeds… but your neighbours could be missing out!

Go to to get started now.

Tell them how great we are, and we’ll give you up to £100 for every neighbour you refer. Plus, to make their decision easier, we’ll also give each neighbour you refer the same reward!


with the
link above


Share your
code with friends
and neighbours


They select
a package of
their choice


You both
get rewarded

Refer a neighbour terms & conditions

For you to receive the cash reward, your referee and yourself must both be live (successfully installed and receiving a live broadband service) and both have paid your first bill. There is absolutely no limit to how many people you refer. At point of order, referee MUST include your unique code or have purchased using your unique link within the referral section at checkout on, or if your card has an install engineer’s unique code, you MUST enter those at the point of sale in the referral code section during checkout.

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