What is Full Fibre?

Jun 11, 2024

Access to the internet is now a necessity – Whether you’re working from home, surfing the web, getting your weekly shopping in or enjoying some relaxing (or not so relaxing) game time. With such dependency and enjoyment tied to the internet, we know there’s nothing worse than a bad connection.

Choosing the right broadband package for you is super important. And at YouFibre, we think it's best to be informed. In this article, our experts answer your questions and explain why it’s time to go FULL FIBRE in your home.

What is full fibre broadband?

Full fibre refers to the fibre optic cables used in our network to connect your home up to the internet. Let’s break it down…

Full = This means allllll the way from the distribution centre to your home.

Partial fibre broadband (or better known as just Fibre) uses fibre-optic cables to connect your area from the distribution centre to street cabinets. The connection from the cabinet to your home or business is still made of copper wires. This hybrid connection often results in slower speeds – in fact, the greater the distance from the cabinet to the property, the slower the broadband speed is.

Full fibre doesn’t have that issue, as the lighting fast cables go all the way from the distributor to your home. No copper middle man slowing you down!

Fibre = This refers to the type of cables that connect it.

It might sound like science fiction, but fibre works by transmitting data using light signals that travel through the fibre optic cables. The cables are made up of tiny strands of glass or plastic, they’re thinner than human hair! The light signals bounce off the walls of the cables and travel at almost the speed of light, resulting in a faster and more efficient connection than traditional wires.

What makes Full Fibre better?

Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons to make the upgrade to full fibre broadband.


Full fibre broadband offers speeds of up to 8Gbps (8000mbps). Compared with the average speed of older style broadband of 50.4 Mbps (Ofcom). Allowing you to download and upload large files in seconds, stream high-quality 4K videos on multiple devices at the same time, quickly!


Full fibre has higher threshold than older types, meaning it can handle more data and devices without slowing down. That means you truly can rely on full fibre to keep you connected, even during busy peak hours, during bad weather and a house full of devices. No buffering = no bickering!

Future Proofing

Full fibre internet is future-proof, ready to accommodate growing demands for faster and better broadband services. Full fibre also has a longer lifespan than copper wires. Plus the current FTTC technology is being discontinued and one day in the future will be turned off completely. So upgrading now will save you any potential heartbreak when that happens!

How can I get Full Fibre?

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