100,000 Customers and Counting!

Jun 24, 2024

It’s a biggie! We’re celebrating across the business today because we’ve doubled the number of our ultra-fast and ultra-happy* YouFibre customers to a whopping 100,000 in just nine months!

We’re so proud of this milestone – we’ve truly been on a thrilling, ultrafast journey since 2019 to reach as many of you as possible as we blaze our broadband trail across the UK.

Our mission to change the UK broadband market with full fibre really is happening; one million properties in almost 100 towns can now connect affordably to brilliant broadband and blissfully do the things they love online.

If you’ve given us a chance and joined us, thank you!

We know it’s not easy letting go of your broadband, and potentially putting your whole online life in jeopardy, for the new kid on the block, but we’re so glad you did. And we’re pretty sure you had a little celebration, too, when your devices were connected to YouFibre for the first time!

(If you haven’t joined us yet then you’ve got that day to look forward to, you lucky thing)

Celebrate with us to earn up to £100!

YouFibre is now available to more homes, in more towns than ever before – so, if you're a YouFibre customer, you’ve got the best chance you’ve ever had to earn some serious £££ just for sharing the love. Recommend us to friends, neighbours, even strangers, and you could earn up to £100 for every person who joins us... and there’s absolutely no limit on how many people you can refer, so spread the word far and wide! Discover our referral scheme at https://youfibre.aklamio.com/

Here’s to reaching the next 100,000 with your help!

Ryan Battle Managing Director

*Just ask Trustpilot. (Spoiler: We’re rated ‘Excellent’)

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