Ten facts you didn’t know about Queen Elizabeth!

May 30, 2022

  1. Her Coronation was held on 2nd June 1953 at Westminster Abbey- Queen Elizabeth II became Queen after the death of her father, King George VI, on 6th February 1952 at the age of 25. At the time, Elizabeth and Prince Philip were in Kenya on tour. After Philip broke the sad news to her, they returned to the UK immediately. Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne was formally proclaimed in countries around the world.

  2. She has been served by 14 Prime Ministers - That’s right! 14 British political leaders have served under the Queen. These include Margaret Thatcher, Boris Johnson, and even Winston Churchill!

  3. She is the oldest and longest reigning monarch in British History- No other British royal has been on the throne longer than Queen Elizabeth. As of September 2015, she initially broke this record, taking the title from Queen Victoria who reigned the Commonwealth for 63 years and 7 months.

  4. She has two birthdays - The Queen celebrates her special day twice a year. Once on her real birthday, 21st of April, whilst an official celebration of the second Saturday in June each year. Well, the Queen's great-grandfather, Edward VII, was King from 1901 to 1910. His birthday was in November, which is not known in the UK for its good weather.

That’s why he chose to combine it with an annual military parade in the summer, when there was more chance of the weather being nice. This tradition has continued, and the Queen’s official birthday is known as Trooping the Colour.

  1. The Queen supports over 600 charities and organisations - Her majesty has over 600 different patronages across an array of charities, military associations, professional bodies, and public service organisations. These organisations are across the United Kingdom, as well as the Commonwealth.

  2. The Queen speaks fluent French - This comes in handy, as Queen Elizabeth has visited over 116 countries across six continents.

  3. She’s on all the major Social Media platforms- Between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the Queen has her presence on the virtual world. Her Twitter account, @RoyalFamily, as over 4.7 million followers.

  4. She loves Corgis! – Since her 18th birthday, the Queen has always had a special place in her heart for Corgis. She has reported to have had over 30 Corgis in her lifetime. Currently, she has two “Dorgis” (Corgi-Dachshund mixes), Candy and Vulcan.

  5. She’s the only person in the UK allowed to drive without a license - She’s also the only person in the United Kingdom who is allowed to fly without a passport!

  6. Holds the title for Longest Royal Marriage - Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip were married for 73 years, making them the longest married royal couple in history. They had met as children in 1939, however didn’t officially begin courtship until the wintertime of 1943.

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