Oct 4, 2023

We’re not like the others. We think in contract price hikes suck. Life is expensive enough right now without that unexpected sting and we wouldn’t do that to you. It's no wonder our Trustpilot score looks so good.

We’re on the same side as consumer champions Which? who believe some of the big broadband providers are trying to have their cake and eat it. Here’s looking at you Virgin Media and your 13.8% price increase. We like cake too, but fair’s fair.

Consumers need honest, transparent broadband. Because we believe in that too we PROMISE no price increases during contract. We’ll always honour the contract terms, price and length that was agreed with our customer when they signed up.

We want our customers to rest easy knowing there aren’t any unexpected surprises in store for them at any point during their contract. Buried away in the small print of the T&Cs is ‘unexpected’ in our view.

USwitch has a great guide to the other broadband providers - such as BT, Vodaphone, Plusnet, EE etc - who increased their broadband prices in 2023, some by more than 14%. If you’ve been caught out and want to know what you can do about it, it’s well worth a read.

Who does our price promise affect?

Our price promise applies to all YouFibre customers. Whether you’re newly connected or have been benefiting from YouFibre’s ultrafast broadband for years, the promise will apply to all our customers.

When will the price promise run until?

We are committing to a price freeze for the duration of all new and existing contracts. So even if your contract lasts much longer than 2023, you can rest assured that the agreed monthly cost will not change before it is up for renewal, even if that’s not for several years.

Are we right up your street?