YouFibre announces first customer live in Hamilton

Apr 17, 2022

YouFibre, the affordable ultrafast internet provider which offers great service and reliability, has connected its first customer in Hamilton, Scotland as part of its continued expansion in the country, building on its existing presence in East Kilbride.

The company, which announced its 5,000th customer this year, was founded in 2019 and has seen exponential growth in recent months as it expands its offer across the UK.

Andrew Morgan, YouFibre’s first customer in Hamilton, commented: “It’s early days, but the entire process has been very smooth and efficient. Their customer service has been extremely helpful and friendly. Not to mention that we’ve finally a found an internet service that offers ultrafast speeds, meaning we can stream multiple devices at once. A very happy customer.”

YouFibre offers its customers speeds of up to 10 Gbps in Hamilton, compared to the UK average of 79.1Mbps, enabling its customers reliable ultrafast speeds for decades to come. It runs on full fibre broadband network operators, such as Netomnia.

Full-fibre runs on networks that use fibre-optic cables to deliver broadband direct to properties, providing faster, more reliable speeds and service than copper-based networks used by many broadband providers, providing a future-proofed network for decades to come.

YouFibre offers a range of packages, starting at £22 per month, increasing to £50 per month for ultrafast broadband services.

Ryan Battle, Managing Director of YouFibre, commented: “It’s great to be building on our existing presence in Scotland and we hope to be able to offer our service to more towns and cities soon. Everyone should have the opportunity to have access to ultrafast internet speeds. Our service does just that, allowing for residents to do just about anything they want online, with no disruption.”

YouFibre has over 80% of customers rating its service as ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot, with one commenting: “A very positive experience from start to finish, and our internet speeds are amazing. I’ve lowered my costs and seen a massive increase in performance - I highly recommend the service!”

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