Family Tree.

Jun 1, 2022

The Beginning of Windsor

The Windsor family tree originally began with the late King George V, the grandfather to our current Queen, Elizabeth II. After King George died in 1936, the queen’s uncle, Edward took over but not long after abdicated the throne to his brother George VI. King George ruled England until 1952, when he died of cancer and our current queen, Elizabeth II ascended to the throne. 70 years later, Queen Elizabeth still sits on the throne as England’s longest ruling monarch, surpassing Queen Victoria with a reign of 63 years, and King George III with a reign of 59 years.

Who’s Next in Line?

  1. Prince Charles

As the Queen’s son, Prince Charles of Wales is next in line to the throne. Charles was born in 1948.

  1. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Prince William and his wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge will follow Prince Charles in succession. Prince William was born 1982.

  1. Prince George

Prince George, the eldest son of William and Kate is the 3rd in line to the throne. Prince George was born in 2013.

  1. Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte is next in line to the throne, born in 2015.

  1. Prince Louis

The Cambridge’s third child, Prince Louis is 5th in line, born in 2018.

  1. Prince Harry

The sixth in line comes back around to Prince Harry, Prince Charles and Diana’s second son, currently living in California with his wife, Meghan and their two children, Archie and Lilibet.

Where can I make my own family tree?

There are many websites out there that have the tools for making your own family tree. One of the best free websites, however, is Canva (check out the one we made in the image above). Canva has lots of different templates to suit your fancy, providing the customisable layout and theme for you to edit and put in your own family members.

Canva: Free Online Family Tree Maker: Design a Custom Family Tree - Canva

If you are looking to print a template and make your own by hand, Adobe also has a great template, left blank to let the little ones get colouring.

Adobe: Make a Family Tree for Free with Online Templates | Adobe Express

Where can I Find my own family tree?

There is an array of websites out there that let you circumnavigate the history of your name and find long lost family members. We have put a short list together of the three best platforms.

  1. Ancestry - Family History | Free Family History Search | Ancestry UK

Ancestry has 30 billion records and you can grab a free 14 day trial, afterwards paying a monthly fee from £10.99.

  1. My Heritage - Free Family Tree, Genealogy, Family History, and DNA Testing (

My Heritage has 5 billion profiles for you to potentially connect with. You get a 14 day free trial on sign up and pay £9.54 a month afterwards.

  1. Find My Past -

Find My Past has 8 billion records, and a basic monthly membership will cost you of £7.99.

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