50,000 customers and counting

Sep 25, 2023

YouFibre Reaches 50,000th Customer Milestone

50,000 customers across the UK have now been connected to ultrafast, reliable broadband via YouFibre as it works towards its ambitious targets for connected customers across the country. YouFibre has doubled its customers in the last five months, making it one of the fastest-growing broadband providers in the UK. The company now has customers in over 70 towns across the UK, having become the first alt-net to provide internet to customers in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales this year.

The milestone comes at a pivotal moment in You Fibre’s growth, which has recently rebranded with a distinctive look and feel to better represent its bold mission, unique values, and uncompromising commitment to always putting its customers first. At the centre of the new brand is the company’s pledge: ‘We’ve got you’. As part of this commitment,

YouFibre has launched a range of trailblazing new products and services, including its 8000 Mbps package. Designed for a no-limits internet experience, the package is one of the fastest home broadband packages available across the UK.

The company is also committing to 24/7 UK-based customer services for all customers and no in-contract price rises. Plus, it’s lowered the price of its 1000 Mbps to just £27.99 as it continues its mission to provide internet that’s affordable, as well as ultrafast and reliable.

The company also offers a social tariff priced at just £15 per month.

Ryan Battle, Managing Director, commented: “We believe everyone should have access to broadband that they can count on. That’s why, street by street, home by home, we’re on a mission to connect the UK with ultrafast, ultrareliable, affordable internet, along with unbeatable customer service.

“We’re absolutely delighted to have made this dream a reality for 50,000 customers across the country. However, this is just the beginning for us. With a bold new look, a completely distinct customer offering, and ambitious growth plans, we’re incredibly excited for what’s to come.” For more information visit: www.youfibre.com

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